Exploring Alaska for determining the prosperity of the region


Alaska is one of the most beautiful states situated in the North-western part of Canada. It was previously used as a military base and at presented is inhabited by the local American people. It has been a home to huge amount of travelers around the world. At the same time the region has played a vital role in boosting the economy of USA. The presence of various useful minerals which have been detected after the end of military installation are in abundant use today. But it is the use of oil that has grabbed the headlines.

The discovery of first oil exploration in the region dates back to the year 1890. Today Alaska is one of the leading oil producing regions of the country. Different automotive firms working in Alaska now provide the service of oil change for providing the finest quality of car oil to the customers. It is because of the better lubrication and mobility offered by the oils of this region that many individuals are setting up their automotive business in that place. This has improved the domestic economy of the region to a great extent.



 The Employment Scenario in Alaska


If you were under the impression that finding employment in Alaska meant working in either the energy, mining, fishing or timber industry, then you’d be in for a pleasant surprise.  Although it might be an exaggeration to state that Alaska is the land of milk and honey but if you can brave the incredibly harsh winters, you’ll be able to pick and choose openings in a diverse range of industrial or economic sectors.

These sectors (both public & private) include ‘healthcare & social assistance’, ‘mining’ (minerals, gas, and oil), ‘company management & enterprises’ ‘technical, scientific & professional services’, ‘financial activities’, ‘remediation services’, ‘waste management, administrative, and administrative support services’, and many others.

Employment Opportunities & Prospects in Different Sectors of Economy

The ‘Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Department’s’ industrial growth projections for the 2012-2022 decade has forecasted that the ‘healthcare & social assistance sector’ will see the highest growth-an unprecedented 25%. Numerically speaking, 11,247 new jobs will be created in the abovementioned sector.

The next four sectors that’ll experience the maximum growth are the ‘mining & energy’, ‘retail trade’, ‘accommodation & food services’, and ‘professional, scientific, and technical services’. Alaska offers unlimited employment opportunities to those who’re scouting for seasonal engagements especially during the summer season. There is a perennial requirement for bus drivers, reception & desk clerks, nurses, and numerous other odd jobs.

The State of the Economy

In terms of per capita income, Alaska holds the 20th rank amongst all the states and the state has witnessed a steady growth in terms of the number of openings. Though cost of living estimates and comparisons may not be precise, several studies and research carried out on the state of the economy increasingly indicate that Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Valdez, and Kodiak amongst the most expensive of cities in US. Unemployment in the state is well above the US average. The growth rate of employment has been sluggish of late-under 1 percent.

Make Necessary Enquiries before Relocating to Alaska

One thing you should never miss doing is getting in touch with the ‘State of Alaska, Department of Labor & Workforce Department’ while you surf on the net for job prospects in the state. Before proceeding to Alaska you should have sufficient funds with you (either in cash or credit) along with a two-way air ticket. Go through the newspaper published in and from Alaska including the ‘Alaska Dispatch News’, ‘Peninsula Clarion’, ‘Juneau Empire’, and ‘Fairbanks Daily’.



The Cultural Background of Alaska


Tracing the historical and cultural background of Alaska-the largest state in USA and also the last to join the federation of states-one is transported back to the Upper Paleolithic era. Now that prehistoric period goes back some 14,000 years before the birth of Christ during which time Siberian factions entered western Alaska via the land bride of Bering. Alaska was originally inhabited by tribes that go by the names of Inupiaq, Yupik, Cupik, Unangax, Alutiiq, Athabasca, Eyak, Haida, Tsimshian, and Tlingit.

The Russians were the first European explorers to trudge to Alaska when they confronted the native groups and were also the earliest colonists to settle in the state. The phase of rampant settlement started during the Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon Territory in 1890s. Shortly after Alaska was declared a territory in 1912, Japan invaded and annexed Attu and Kiska, two islands belonging to the outer region of Aleutian Islands.

Military bases and cantonments set up for stationing US and Allied troops developed into full-fledged Alaskan cities. Initially, legislators and senators in USA were reluctant to granted statehood to Alaska because of its isolation from the mainland and its unstable economy. Nevertheless, the invasion by the Japanese brought the state into the fore highlighting its strategic significance and it eventually became the 50th US state in 1959 on 9th January.

That Alaska had been peopled eons back is substantiated by the accidental discovery of relics and planned excavations. Additionally, discovery of natural resources in the form of fossil fuels, gold, and minerals have led to large-scale migrations and exoduses that has helped to shape the state’s history. Watershed and epochal events that took place in the last 500-700 years have catalyzed spurts in human populations.

The native populace of the state is categorized into 11 specific cultures where each cultural sect has its own language that in turn has led to the development of 22 distinct dialects. So that tourists, visitors and anybody who’s interested to study the cultural and historical backdrop of the eclectic native population can have it easy, the ‘Alaska Native Heritage Center’ has categorized the same into five separate cultural groups.



 Best Sightseeing Spots in Alaska


Your search for the idyllic El Dorado on earth might remain elusive but if you want to experience heaven on earth first-hand, then make plans for sightseeing in Alaska. Alaska as the least populated and largest US state remains virtually untapped. If its beaches for your vacation, Maldives can be the islands to be but when it comes to mountains, Alaska offers some of the best views in the world today. This means you could have a free run in exploring its vast and almost virgin territories comprising forests, Arctic tundra, ice-capped mountains, glacial lakes and rivers, and its verdant, pollution free cities. Read more